Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Goosey ~ Goosey ~ Nope!... Ganders ~~~

All 3 of the geese are ganders so they will be going into the freezer tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it. But I do love the taste when all done. Although I am not the one who is going to do the dirty  (but necessary) deed. Our neighbor is and we will give him a goose for his troubles   er ummm Help... ;-)

 It has been interesting having them but a lot of work too. So this spring when we can get baby goslings and have them sexed so we get girls, I will have the pond and a fenced area ready for them. Don't want to be packing buckets of water and breaking ice for a long while..

My 9 yr old niece is broken hearted about them, but was happy when I told her we would get some babies this spring and hand raise them to be friendly. She has to watch her back around these fellows as they are honery buggers. I told her she could even name one. So... the adventures continue.

More another day... XO Nana

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