Friday, February 7, 2014

Think we might get some snow?

This is the table outside in the yard, and it has been snowing even more.
 And a bit of freezing rain on top... with more coming... Bla!!! I thought it hardly ever snowed in the Valley. Well Surprize... The white stuff is here again... The poor chickens won't even come out of the hen house. LOL If they do we might lose them it is so deep. The dogs don't want to go out either. HA ha ha. Ever watch a chihuahua disappear in snow?  Poor Tia is so little she would be covered if she stepped out the door. She just smells the door and turns around. We have to sweep the snow away and they will potty on the step. Good thing it is the back door, no one really uses it, except me to take care of the chickens and I can watch my step. 
Well I am snuggled up under an electric blanket and am going to get real warm and cozy..
Hope you sleep well... XO Nana


  1. I see you've got the same weather we have here In Massachusetts. I know what you mean about your dogs. We have two Yorkies that do the exact same thing, they sniff at the cold air when I open the door and turn around and run away. Well all I can say is that spring has to be on the way.

  2. Oh yuk and double yuk! Hate snow and ice with a passion. Fortunately we have been lucky so far and no white stuff for us (touch wood) but rain, wind and more rain and wind!
    Weather is very extreme around the world it seems this year.
    Lynn xx

    1. I should have taken pix this morning... Everything was encased in ice. The trees and each limb and the top of the snow was so hard I stumbled going out to feed the chickens and now I have a big bruise on my shin and that was through a pair of rubber Wellies.... It is starting to melt, we'll have to see what tomorrow is... I might have the kids bring the grands here. I might not be driving anywhere!!