Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Priceless Gift from Felix

My middle son and his family are here they came up Friday evening and are staying until Parker has his surgery this coming Tuesday. His wife and son will go home on Wednesday as little man has school. Parker will stay here for a week for Doctors appointments and healing before traveling home. As a surprise I bought Felix a Art Box with paint, brushes, pencils, easel and palette knife etc... He was so happy with it he wanted to paint me a picture. Or do a "project" His mom picked out 3 pictures at goodwill so he could have the frames and matting all ready and he used my area for a bit to hide while doing his "project" LOL Love this guy!!!
Here is what he presented me with today. His mom has to remind him to stop and let paint dry before going on and talks him through it all. I even have his inspiration picture that he looked at while painting. Take a look...
 From inspiration to a beginning

Finished and proud Nana LOVES it!
Framed and finished. By Felix age 8 (soon to be 9)
Isn't it precious!! Love it so much!!!!!
XO Nana


  1. That is a fabulous piece of art work, he definitely has talent there. I, too, would be thrilled to receive a lovely piece of art work like this to treasure.
    All the best for your son.
    Love Lynn xx

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  3. Lynn, you should have seen his face... his mom bought him 3 frames to do painting in. He looked and said I did a Rooster, he is daddy, I did a Chick, that would be a kid, OH I know lets do a mama.... Chicken is a ? Oh yeah Hen. So, I'm getting one more soon. ;-))
    Parker is doing well, he is staying with me for this next week so he wouldn't have to make that 2 hr trip 3 more times. Back and forth. He will see his Dr for a week check in then go home. So a lot less traveling on the new incisions.
    I really should re read my post before posting. LOL I find lots of typos and I'm not on my phone. HA ha ha...
    XO Nana