Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today has been ???

Got up today and everything was encased in ice... have a few locals dealing with split trees due to freezing rain and wind, on top of the foot of snow. Poor little robin red breast are all fluffed out trying to stay warm. We had about 25-30 in the holly tree. The cruddy starlings are eating everything put out for anyone, including the chickens. They are something else. I opened the hen house so the chickens might go out on the porch. But all it did was let the starlings go in. I went out and there was a slew of them. Got the surprize of my life when I went to close up the hen house and got hit in the head and face by starlings. I don't like those nasty birds, good thing they are a bit pretty to look at, or I wouldn't like them at all!

First picture is from my bedroom window, after hubby got our little car out. Sent it to my DDil so they would have an idea about the weather. They will be coming tomorrow for Dr appointment on Tuesday. Instead of trying to make the trip in early morning for the appointment.
Next we had to go get some groceries. Due to power failure and store on backup power we couldn't buy anything perishable from the freezers or refrigerators. So got some bread and chips for hubby's lunch and milk from another store. Here we are going to cross the bridge. you can hardly see anything...     

I told DH that it depends on the weather tomorrow as I am not driving much in this. Too many people either don't know how to drive in it or are scared so bad they shouldn't be in it. I just don't like taking unnecessary chances anymore. I know I'm boring and getting old. But al least I'm not stupid. HA ha ha....


  1. Shared this with my DH. Made us smile! Love you so much.

    1. Yeah but this isn't Burns it is Willamette Valley...
      Love you too! Tell DH to give you a big hug for me.