Saturday, February 8, 2014

Todays Play Thanks to Norma

I read this blog some time ago and just loved the idea of this box. Check it out...Here
Well I made one, today I pretty much finished it. I skipped some steps, like inking the edges. (slap forehead) Been in a bit of a brain fog. I shall blame the weather. Over a foot of snow then freezing rain on top, warmed up a bit to start melting and then it freezes again. Oh bother....
Anywho.. Back to the box. I used some Tilda images that are just adorable. Colored them with pencil, added a bit of bling in the form of fingernail art. (love the little rhinestones, pearls and fimo bits)  My mom thinks Tilda would look better with the rest of her face. So one has a pearl heart for a mouth. Then I ran out of the big paper flowers so need to make 2 more to finish the box completely. But at least you will get an idea. My oldest grandson is in the process of making one for his mama. I craft with him and his sister on Mondays. We love it! Enjoy the pictures and check out Norma's site for the tutorial on how to make one for yourself!

Enjoy! XO Nana


  1. Beautiful box, Nana. You did a terrific job on it. Love that you were able to find 3 of the Tildas with similar theme--the umbrellas. The flowers are gorgeous.
    The boxes gets easier to make the more you make...tee hee.

    1. Thank you Norma, I appreciate your kind remarks.

  2. Gorgeous box April, so bright and cheerful too. I bet my granddaughter would love one of those but not the Tilda without her complete face :)
    Lynn xx

    1. Thanks Lynn, I have a hard time in my family... I use to make cloth dolls, but I had to put faces on them. LOL To me they don't look finished unless they have a complete face.