Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Anniversary cards and gifts

Well this is what I've been up to besides moving furniture around... Swapping beds and rooms again.
Dragonfly pink card for my sister, Black and pink gift card for her daughter. Their anniversary's are one day apart. And the forms are for our youngest daughter. Her favorite colors.
 I got the idea for this card from Here I just love the look of this card

 Simple gift card in envelope 
 Closed with a belly band
 Finished! 1 dozzen
 4 white, 6 black and 2 pink
 Sorry not a good picture of the ribbon, but I printed her information from her business card onto the ribbons. I even found the font she used so it matches perfectly! Yeah!! 
Well soon I hope to stop moving furniture and concentrate more on making cards and gifts instead. lol Chat soon.
XO Nana

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