Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring has Sprung...

Well the Osprey are back and nesting on the bridge, the Turkeys are out in full feathered beauty. And our Japanese Bantams have just hatched 2 of nine eggs last night. I went out to lock up the chickens and take a head count and pick up the last of the day's laying. I have to check under the 3 Bantams as the big hens will push them off the nest to lay their eggs, (rolling eyes) I reached under and to my surprise I got peeps calling out from under them. Here is the first picture.
 This morning when I went to let them out and check the 3 hens they were content (see below)
 Then when I went to check to see if any more had hatched I got this response... Look at those tail feathers all spread out. They were not happy with me at all. I just felt under and there were still 6 eggs so I left them alone. Will check them later.
 Now I had to run into Junction City, with mom and when I cam home I had to stop on the bridge as it looks like someone might have hit it again. (road workers fixing it) I took the opportunity to take pictures of the wild turkey's. I never have my camera ready when they are out. But this time as I had to wait for traffic, I got 2 pictures. I find them both ugly and beautiful. LOL

Look at those tail feathers... I find them so amazing. Well off to see the Chiropractor real soon. Hope my back is out and not something else going on. Have a good week everyone!!

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