Thursday, April 30, 2015

Today's post brought to you by Pssst n Moan...Warning gripe-fest

Hello, today's post is brought to you by Pssst n Moan.
I'm getting fed up with Dr's telling me, I'm fine my hearts good, and putting me on 6 new medications. (some for my heart) All I want to do is sleep!😴 I have so many things I could be doing. Yard work, kitchen, Crafts... To name a few. I'm up for a few minutes and just feel wipped out, so back to bed. Feel like my body is week and heavy. I got part of the yard mowed a couple of days ago, then spent that night and next day and night sleeping.

I called the Pharmacy and was told 3 of the new meds can be causing this problem. Call your Doctor.
OK, called doctor and waited to be called back. After noon I called them again. Was told we'll call you as soon as we can. Later was called and asked "Doctor wants to know, is it your depression or do you think you are getting sick?"
(Insert scream here)😕(not really just feel like it sometimes) I said no and no! I called the Pharmacy and they said to call Dr! Then describe what is going on again.
Oh...okay I'll call you back after I check with him again.😣
Later.... He wants to see you, let's make you an appointment. How about Friday.
Good thing my mom is so positive, I'm about to loose my temper and she calms me right down. LoL But she can get her comments across when needed. He he he..😅 She sings "You've got to accentuate the positive.." To me at times, I told her I'm positive I'm ticked off. But then I can let it go a bit. lol
I came to live with mom to help her out and keep her company, not for her to take care of me! I know what you'll say mom... We keep care of each other. But lately I feel more of a burden to you and hubby than any help. Well as I type this I am flat on my back in bed, wishing the kitchen was clean and dishes done, yard finished and and and... If wishes we're fishes we'd have a fry!
Hopefully tomorrow we will get some answers. Night all...
XO Nana

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