Monday, November 26, 2012

More wraps

I made a few more wraps today. I found out a older friend loved the one I gifted to Chris and was trying to figure out if she could make one. So I made one for her. (The plaid one)  The solid red one with poppies is for my Mom in law. She is 90 and frail so there is no filling in this one, as you can see I top stitched it. She is always cold at her neck and top of her shoulders. (so is her son) we figured this would be light weight and comfy for her. This is very warm and comfortable even with out the rice and herbs, and 2 pounds lighter.
 For Leah
 Close up of Poppies, I got the template from here:
For Someone Special!
Happy Anniversary Mom!!XOXO
Couldn't post who before as you would have known for sure ;-))
For BJ

Well I need to head to bed, have a Apron to make tomorrow for a special little boy who loves footballs.
Check back I will post a picture when done.
XO Nana