Saturday, November 24, 2012

Warm or cold Wrap Tutorial

Warm or cold Wrap Tutorial

Gather all items together:
1 fleece blanket 50X60
2 pounds rice
5 bags peppermint tea
 (depending on how strong you want it to smell you can use more or less)
1/2 Cup Lavender flowers dried
(again depending on how strong you want it to smell you can use more or less)
Thread to sew with

Mix rice with herbs a week before you want to assemble to let the smells permeate the rice. Place rice and herbs in a resealable plastic baggie, mix daily by rolling bag around.

 Fold the blanket into quarters, cut out all 4 pieces at one time (make sure the middle is right sides facing)

Sew all 4 pieces together, turn right side out. Two layers on each side.
On neck piece mark center, then mark 2 inches and 4 inches on each side.  Sew strait down from neck edge to top edge. making pockets for the rice.
 Sew all around outside edge of the body and turn same way.
  Roll seam edge between fingers and thumbs to round out. Do NOT clip edges, this fabric really stretches and will come apart at the seams if you do clip them too short.
Top stitch between each scallop to within 3 inches of neck edge, this creates pockets for the rice around the body.  All ready for stuffing.

 I used a spoon to add 3 spoonful to each neck section, then pin shut as you don't want it to spill out. And you don't want to overfill, set aside until the body is stuffed.
 Now for the body I made a funnel out of scrap paper and put it in the body between stitching lines and add 1/3 Cup of rice  to each of the 11 pockets. Careful not to fill the same one twice. LOL I know...

Pin neck edge to body neck edge, leaving one side free. Sew, then lay flat and turn raw edge under and hand sew shut.

 I found draping across my knee made for fast and easy sewing.
Before you know it you are done and have a wonderful smelling warm or cold wrap to make you comfortable. 

***NOTE*** When heating in the microwave, do NOT heat more than 1 minute at a time. Shake in between heating so you don't get hotspots and burn your wrap. My DH burned a whole in mine that way.

Or if you need a cold wrap put it in the freezer for a while and it will cool you.

If you find anything wrong with this please feel free to let me know. This is my first tutorial.  Sorry the pictures aren't real good, but it is hard to sew and do and take the pictures at the same time. lol

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