Monday, December 8, 2014

Feeling a bit Blue

I started feeling blue on Thursday afternoon. Couldn't even go shopping by myself. Took Tootsie in to have her stitches out. She is doing great! And had to come right home.

That night I was feeling real bad about 11:45 or 12 I thought I was having a anxiety or heart attack. Tried to wake up hubby, he jumped said you okay? and started snoring again. (roll eyes) I sat downstairs in the recliner as I couldn't get comfortable and it passed about 1:30 or so. Called Dr after 9 am and they wouldn't see me, said call 911! Mom took me over to the firehouse as it is right behind us.They did an EKG and said Looks good follow up with your Dr. So I called the Dr back and made an appointment for 4:30 in the afternoon. A few minutes later my Dr's nurse called and said he wants to see you at 11 can you be here. Yes... He was very upset with me for going to the firehouse. Said "If I say call 911 Call 911, not go to the firehouse."  Found out if I go there it is good Samaritan, if they are called out they have to call the Dr. HA! Learned something there...

Long story short, he upped my anti-depressant and added anti-anxiety. I have done nothing but sleep and cry for the last few days. I can hardly make myself stay up for an hour. Have no real pleasure in my crafting right now either. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. 

All I can do is tell my mom and hubby I'm sorry... And I was told I don't need to be, but I AM! 

So if I'm gone for a while it's because I just don't feel well. 
xo Nana

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