Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Who Knew??

These little paper dresses are addictive! I finished this one last night. Paper Machi corset then covered with bits of colored tissue paper. Sequins and  2 paper rolled roses. Laced up the back. My Niece said if I wanted to sew one she would love to wear it. ;-) It would look good on her too!!!!

I am starting another one too. My youngest niece and granddaughter are going to love making these.
I'm also going to make some hangers, so more coming soon. I hope.. Will be gone a few days as we get to have our Little Man come visit. Yeah /\/\/\/\/\ Happy Dance /\/\/\/\/\ Hope I stay on an up for the next week or so. Take one day at a time.
Have a good day, week... Life.  Make it the best you can ;-)
xoxo Nana

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