Saturday, December 27, 2014

For those that read my Blog

I would like to ask a favor of those that read this blog. If you could let me know your "opinion" I'd be very grateful. I am a crafter for therapy. It keeps me half way sane... ;-) Do you think crafting should be a way to make money first? Or is it just a happy byproduct of others liking your work?

I've tried to make a doll business back in 98 and that was a real flop.  I sold maybe 6 dolls in a year.  And I started to hate making dolls. I gave most of them away in the end. Four were special ordered by a lady, her Grandmother made pillow cases, her mother embroidered them and she crocheted the edges. (3 generations working on them) She had me make them into old fashioned dolls for her Great Granddaughters. Sixth generation down from the woman who originally made the cases. I thought it was so interesting and made for great keepsakes.

Anyway, back to your opinions... I am really into the paper dolls, corsets and cards. I have seen that others make them to sell. I was quite surprised at the cost too. But thought it might be nice to be able to sell some to keep me supplied in papers and tools so I can keep crafting. Plus I don't know what to do with all the things I finish.

What is your honest opinion, is it something you think I could shoot for or should I keep it therapy only? I want to know what you think of the quality of my work.
Please leave your comments for me below, Any and All are greatly appreciated.
Have a great weekend.
xoxo Nana

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