Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fighting the blues with Paper

I have been trying to make myself do things to work through some of this. And this is what I came up with after watching some YouTube videos and going to a few blogs. I love Kellie's corsets. WOW!
Then I found Scrappin Happy by - Jeanette and watched her dress making. More WOW! Here is the info for their YouTube channels.

Art Dress Tutorial - Part 1 - Paper Mache Bodice
by Scrappin Happyxo

Art Dress tutorial with Paper Mache Bodice Tutorial
by Angela Holt

Boho Basil Paper Corset
by Kellie Reynolds

  And here is what I came up with. It isn't quite what I was going for, but it makes me smile! I love it! The roses and pink flowers on the dress are paper too. The tulle, bow and lace are the only things I used other than paper. Oh and little bling Rhinestones... they are nail are. lol Love it more on paper than nails. There is 3 layers to the back of the dress and then the bustle and bow. I can't decide if I need to make a way to hang this or make a stand for it. Kellie also has tutorial for hangers... I am going to make a tutu next.

Need to learn to take better pictures. I have 3 daughters now and they all are good to great photographers. I need to take some lessons.
Have a good weekend!
xoxo Nana


  1. Hi there April :)

    Your little dress turned out so pretty :) I'm so glad you gave it a go and enjoyed the process, you may find them a little addictive ;) Thank you also for the very sweet mention :) Have a lovely Christmas
    - Jeanette

    1. Thanks Jeanette, They are so addictive! ;-) I'm already on my 3rd.
      Thanks so much for all you share.
      xo Nana